Tips For Flower Classes

CharleneFairfield Flowers most popular and trendiest item is the Do It Yourself Floral Design Classes! We have had over 1,100 people take our classes!!

-Why oh why are these classes such a success and sell out each date one is scheduled?
Out flowers enthusiasts want to learn the names of flowers, they want to learn about each flowers personality, they want to be able to design basic floral arrangements, and most of all they want to learn Fairfield Flowers tip and secrets that we share in our classes!


-How do I know if I can make something in this class?
There are no tests, no grades or grade sheets. You just learn the joy of working with fresh flowers! Staff is here to help you and help you have a wonderful time learning! Learn the methods and techniques used to help your fresh flowers last and last.



-Learn to make creative gifts for yourself, your family, and your friends!
-15% off of any item in our store on the night of your class!
-Tips and tricks for different ways to style and arrange fresh flowers.
-You get to take your creation home with you at the end of the class!
-You will work side by side with Fairfield Flowers staff every step of the way!

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Join a your favorite class! Call and reserve your spot today! (757)474-1500


Tips for Buying the Perfect Plant

Barbara KeimFairfield Flowers has an amazing selection of plants that you can send to a loved one or take home for yourself! Here are some tips for choosing the perfect plant!

  • Buy local. Never buy from a big box store or online. When you buy local you know the plant has been taken care of properly and if you ever need advice or support, they are there for you!


  • Make sure your container has plenty of drainage points. Many people grow their plants and gardens in containers. Drainage is important for the life of your plants. Without proper drainage, water can rot the plants roots and eventually kill the plant. Drill extra holes in your container if needed and fill the bottom with rocks, then with soil for even better drainage! You can always bring your plant to Fairfield Flowers if you need help with drainage!
  • Know where your plant will be living. Some plants need more sunlight than others. If a plant gets too much sunlight, the leaves can get burned by the sun. Don’t know how much sunlight your plant should be getting? Stop by Fairfield Flowers and we will help!


  • Buy plants that are healthy. Always purchase a plant that appears full and healthy. Choose a plant that has lots of green foliage. Never purchase a plant that appears wilted or has yellow or brown leaves.


  • Always check the soil for pests before purchasing a plant. You do not want to open your home up to anything that could be hiding in a plant!
  • Be on a weekly schedule for watering! Indoor plants do not need as much water as many people think they do! If your plant is indoors, it will not need as much water as an outdoor plant. The larger the pot your plant is in, the more water it will need. Outdoor plants will get a lot of their water from rain, but if it is summer they may need more! Not sure of how much water your plant needs or how often? Fairfield Flowers is glad to help!


If you are unsure about any of the tips to keep your plant healthy, or simply need help choosing the perfect plant for you, stop by or call Fairfield Flowers today!


Get to Know the Ladies of Fairfield Flowers

Charlene, the owner, Amber, the general manager, Kristen, customer service, Leslie, floral designer, and Beth, marketing. The Fairfield Flowers ladies answer the same five questions.

-What is one thing you will never change?: My love for family. I had some challenging struggles as a young girl which taught me to value and love my family everyday.
-My friends would say..:  That I am silly! I love having a good time and having fun! I love to decorate for every event and fill it with laughter and sillyness!
-What is the best part of being in the floral industry?: Opening the flower box every morning! Seeing beautiful flowers come in everyday always brings a smile to my face!
-What is the hardest part of your job?: Nothing! Believe it or not I love everything about my job; teaching, cleaning, making displays, doing paper work, and designing!
-When I grow up..: Never grow up! I am trying to age gracefully. The girls at the shop keep an eye on me and keep me up to date with things. I do embrace my age though, I love the new journey each year brings!

-What is one thing you will never change?: My life experiences. Who I’ve met, where I’ve been, and who I have become.
-My friends would say..: That I am full of energy and love to make people laugh and smile!
-What is the best part of being in the floral industry?: I am able to do something different everyday! My life at Fairfield Flowers is always an interesting, new adventure!
-What is the hardest part of your job?: Not loosing my tool.
-When I grow up..: “That’s the real trouble with the world, too many people grow up!” -Walt Disney


-What is one thing you will never change?: My drive to do my best and please the people I care about. I put 120% into everything I do and I love to succeed in my job and personal life.
-My friends would say..: I am very caring. I would give the shirt off my back to help someone and I try to always make myself available when I am needed.
-What is the best part about being in the floral industry?: For me, it is how much knowledge I have gained. I knew nothing about the floral industry or flowers at all before I came to work at Fairfield Flowers. Working here has given me a new appreciation for flowers and how happy they can make people!
-What is the hardest part of your job?: Staying unique and up to date with the latest trends. It takes lots of research and lots of time!
-When I grow up..: I want to be happy in my career, marriage, and life. And I want to enjoy every minute of it along the way!

Tips For Shopping for Clothing in Fairfield Flowers Boutique!

amberblogFairfield Flowers has a beautiful new line of boutique clothing items! Here are some tips to shop for the perfect article of clothing!

  • If a garment makes you want to do a little dance in the dressing room, buy it.


  • Consider what you have in your closet that you can wear with the item before you buy it.
  • Don’t wait to go shopping until you NEED to… It feels like I can’t find anything I’m looking for when that special event is next week… or worse yet… tomorrow…


  • Try on everything that catches your eye, even if you’re not sure you’ll like it! I’ve found some of my most favorite buys this way!


  • Take your time!
  • Dress for Success! Pick something that makes you feel good.  If you’re really uncomfortable and unsure the item probably won’t get as much use.


  • Shop at a place you love and trust. Fairfield Flowers has a beautiful selection of clothing that is quality made and personally chosen by our staff.  Stop by the shop and we’ll help you to enhance your wardrobe!


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Tips for Giving the Perfect Gift

kristenblogGift giving can be hard. Don’t let gift giving wear you down and ruin the fun of finding the perfect gift! Fairfield Flowers has some great tips to gift buying that are sure to help you find the right gift for even the most picky person on your shopping list!

-No gag gifts. These kinds of gifts only cause a laugh one time, so save these for a specific occasion where joke giving is appropriate. Fairfield Flowers has many practical gifts for your special someone! We now have beautifully unique teapots, pillows, and vases!


-No gift cards. Gift cards say to the receiver “I didn’t know what to get you so here’s this.” Gift cards are impersonal. If you have to give a gift card, because this is real like and sometimes it is inevitable, give a Fairfield Flower gift card. When they come in to redeem it we will help them find the perfect gift!

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-Gifts should be useful. People like to receive gifts that can be used on a regular basis, not something that will collect dust on a shelf. If you notice a problem, find the perfect gift to create a solution. Fairfield Flowers has the perfect useful gifts like long burning scented candles, wonderful whipped body lotion, and beautiful jewelry!


-Gifts should be a surprise! Fairfield Flowers offers wonderful options for surprise gifts! Fairfield Flowers has a new boutique line of clothing! Your special someone will never guess that when they receive a floral arrangement that they will have a beautiful scarf or blouse along with them! Fairfield Flowers also offer a week worth of gifts! We can send your loved one a gift for each day of their special week! Just call us and let us know what they like and we will take care of the rest!


-Gifts should be of good quality. Even if it happens to be something that they do not use every day, it should be something of high quality so it does not break. Fairfield Flowers only offers the highest quality of gifts, clothing, and flowers.


Fairfield Flowers always has the best gifts, flowers, and gift advice! Stumped on what to get? Need more help that then tips offer? Call or stop by the shop and one of our lovely staff members would be happy to help you find the perfect gift!

Transitioning Houseplants Outside After Winter

kristenblogSpring is just around the corner! I cannot wait for spring and, in fact, your houseplants can’t wait either! House plants enjoy getting some fresh air after being cooped up inside all winter long! But houseplants can become very stressed if you do not transition them outside correctly. So before you rush your houseplants outside, acclimate them to their new environment. Here are some tips for easily transitioning your houseplants to the great outdoors!


  • Sunlight is much more intense outside than any sunlight through a window inside. Seek out a nicely shaded area, on a patio with an overhang or under a very shady tree and leave them out for a few hours each day. After a few days in the shade, move them to a less shaded area and increase their time outside. After a few weeks, the sun will not be a shock to your plant!


  • Once your houseplant is acclimated to direct sunlight, you have to think of their watering schedule. They will need much more water outside than they did inside because they are in direct sunlight. So make sure to check their soil and water according to when the soil feels dry, making sure not over water them.
  • Because your plant will be working harder outside in the different conditions, they will also need more food. So you will need to increase their fertilization schedule as well. Once again making sure not to overdo it, too much fertilizer can be just as bad as not enough.


  • Indoor plants typically do not have any problems with pests. Make sure that you are aware of what types of insects you have around your home where your plant will be living for the summer and so that you can fight them off accordingly.
  • Weather is a huge factor in your plant living outdoors as well. For instance if the temperature for a summer day is going to be very high, bring them inside or move them to the shade to ensure they are not scorched by the sun. Also if the temperature is going to be low at night (anything under 55 degrees), they will need to be brought inside to rest. Wind can also stress plants so if the weather man is calling for strong gusts of wind, move them to a well-protected area (against a wall) to prevent them from being dried out or knocked over. Light rain is very good for most houseplants but if there is going to be a downpour then they will need to be brought inside as well. Hard rain can beat a houseplant up and cause soil to be knocked out of their pot.


In the end your houseplant will love it’s time outdoors! Fairfield Flowers can help with any questions about houseplants or transitioning them outdoors, do not hesitate to give us a call!

Itty Bitty Club

CharleneWould you like to be a member of the Itty Bitty Club? Sign up for a floral design class in March and Fairfield Flowers will give you an itty bitty vase to fill with beautiful spring flowers. You can bring this vase in any time you would like in March or April! Just stop by, pick out your favorite flowers from the cooler, step back to the design counter and make your itty bitty arrangement, then you get to take it home! Plan on stopping by Fairfield Flowers again and again to fill up your vase!


This Itty Bitty Club will make your home gorgeous in color through flowers! It will bring spring to your home as we watch nature’s beauty awaken for spring!

So if you are a flower lover, then sign up for a March class!
Available dates are March 12, March 13, March 15, and March 24!
Get your itty bitty vase at class and make spring elegance bloom! And visit Fairfield Flowers all you would like through April for more fresh flowers!


Be an Itty Bitty!

Boutique at Fairfield Flowers

amberblogSpring is in the air along with a little cold chill, but Fairfield Flowers has the perfect accessory to enable you to wear your cute spring outfit without getting too cold! The new Bordeaux wrap is now available at Fairfield Flowers! This wrap is made up of a light sweater material and can be worn in four different styles!


My favorite style is similar to a poncho, draping around your shoulders and hanging, so cute! The next style is a lot like an infinity scarf! The third way the wrap can be worn is like a vest and can be accessorized with a cute belt or a scarf! And last but not least, you can wear this wrap like a sweater! What I love most about the Bordeaux wrap is that you can just throw it in your bag and go! You do not have to worry if you will be chilly in the restaurant or on your walk into work or school!And you can also feel free to come up with your own styles to wear the Bordeaux wrap!


You can also check out the other new items in our boutique section! Fairfield Flowers Boutique features clothes, scarves, and jewelry!  Stop by Fairfield Flowers today to check out the assortment of colors that our wrap comes in and take home your favorite!

Fairfield Flowers to the rescue!

CharleneSince I was a little child I was exposed to the beauty of gardening and flowers. I am still in awe each time I touch and experience the fragrance of each bloom. Fairfield Flowers has built a reputation for excellence in planning and designing. It makes me happy to discuss ideal colors and appreciate blooms to use in an arrangement. Aside from my unique design artistry, a key to success is my ability to streamline the planning process for clients. My job is to create memories that will last forever, my hope is to elevate the floral experience through my design, the art.

Call me and let me help you achieve impressive results!
1) Revamp your silk arrangements: Silk cleaning, add updated silk flowers. How old is your silk arrangement really?

2) Create a more appealing entrance to your home: First impressions are everything and you only have five seconds to impress guests! We can make you a door wreath, help find yard ornaments that are perfect for your yard, or make a stunning arrangement for your entryway!

3) Make education a top priority: Take a class with us! Make an award winning design yourself and take it home for your whole family to enjoy!

4) Visit the shop: We are just back from a buying trip in Atlanta, GA and you wouldn’t believe what we bought! Stop by and check it out for yourself!

5) Celebrate creativity: Try using blue delphinium with sunflowers for a charming look! Use a mason jar with gerbera daisies, roses, and green hypericum berries for a vintage feel. Hydrangea with a few roses gives you a very clean look and is super easy to create!

Visit Fairfield Flowers today, no matter what your floral or decor needs my be!


My Resolution for 2016

Barbara KeimI did not really make any typical resolutions for 2016, like eating healthier, exercising more, or losing weight. The thing that I am trying to focus on is being a better person from the inside, being more stable. To speak with more love and appreciate what I have. To live everyday to it’s fullest. I want to practice staying calm when everything around me seems to be upside down. I want to focus on the spirit that is within me to be joyful, nice and kind when things are not going the way I want them to or the way I thought they would. Little by little I want to grow and see change in my behavior and the way I carry myself throughout the day. I know there is nothing standing between me and my goal but myself. This is what I want for myself in 2016.