Engage the Soul 2018

CharleneHappy New Year and happy 2018! Let’s start the new year off with flowers ‘on the brain’. Fairfield Flowers has the inspiration you need. So after attending many floral classes in 2017, here are my picks and predictions for 2018.


#1 The Dahlia. The Dahlia will be a popular flower this year. I think the most popular varieties will be the labyrinth and the peaches and cream.


#2 Events. We will do hanging arrangements for large parties and weddings. Giant wreaths for events and holidays. Hanging floral arrangements are a great way to have flowers but free up table space.


#3 Buy local. Farm to us to you; as simple as that! Fairfield Flowers will be seeking out fresh flowers grown in the Tidewater area rather than purchasing blooms from South America. Our customers want local varieties. This transparency, not only creates trust, but also gives you a fresh quality flower. It will also help provide a sense of community.


#4 Reds and wine hues. Burgundy blooms are still very trendy. The burgundy pairs well with many color schemes, from bold jewel tones to soft pastels.


#5 Flowers are the #1 gift. With people downsizing and collecting ‘things’ less, flowers make the perfect gift! And Fairfield Flowers is here for you seven days a week! We love what we do and we appreciate all of our customers who support this locally owned business!



Fairfield Flowers will continue to provide education, floral classes, mentoring, and individual consultations for any floral need! Have a wonderful 2018!

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