My Favorite Unique Flowers

Brunia is one of the very few flowers that are naturally silver in color. They are very popular in bridal work because of their color and unique look. The silver brunia is actually a fruited head after the white petals have fallen off of the flower! Brunia is native to South Africa but is also commercially grown in California, Australia, and New Zealand. The colors of Brunia can range from silver, green, to even red! Brunia is easy to use because it of its thick hearty stems and long vase life. Brunia’s unique texture is really what makes this flower so popular!


King Protea
The King Protea is a woody shrub in the Protea family and is native to South Africa. King Protea can grow up to three feet high and the plant can survive for 15 years in the wild. The King Protea gets its water from the fog, it’s leaves absorb the moisture that collects on them. The leaves can also be used in teas. Birds and mammals in the wild often eat the seeds of the King Protea. The King Protea is the national flower of South African and their cricket team is even named ‘The Proteas.’ King Protea are very popular in wedding bouquets simply because they create a big impact with their stunning look!


The coxcomb flower is a type of Celosia and looks like a brain or rooster comb. Coxcomb blooms from late summer to late fall and has a compact crested head that is two to five inches across. There are more than 60 species of Celosia! Coxcomb can be used in fresh or silk arrangements. It is native to India but is also very commonly grows wild in China. Coxcomb has no smell and comes in many vibrant colors. Coxcomb is very popular in fall floral arrangements and is also appearing in bridal work! It’s unique shape and texture makes it one of my personal favorites!


Scabiosa Pods
Scabiosa pods are the remnants of a Scabiosa flowers after it has died. Scabiosa are native to Europe and Asia. They offer loads of texture in floral arrangements and are very popular in wedding bouquets. Scabiosa pods rustle like a paper flowers and are truly a unique flower. Scabiosa pods are very fragile and they have very short stems. They are bronze in color and have geometric globe shaped seeded head. Scabiosa pods are great in fresh floral arrangements or dried bouquets.

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