My Top Color Picks for Fall Wedding Bouquets

This is one of the hottest colors this season and we’re in luck because there are so many unique and textural blooms that come in this color!

This bouquet that we created for one of our brides this fall includes the main focal flower, King Protea.  The King Protea is a tropical bloom that contains hints of blush as well burgundy.  The Tess Rose in this featured bouquet is an amazing garden rose that is part of the David Austin collection.  These roses have a lovely fragrance and a beautiful show when in full bloom.  The last burgundy flower featured in this bouquet is Hanging Amaranthus.  This flower creates movement and allows the bouquet to flow from the bride’s hands.


Mango colored or orange blossoms are perfect for the autumn season.  They are a traditional fall color and add a pop of brightness to any bouquet.  This bouquet consists of yet another tropical bloom, the pincushion protea.  This is an amazingly fun flower that creates unbelievable texture in a bouquet.  The miniature Mango colored callas are the perfect color for a fall bouquet.  The calla lily is an elegant flower that is traditionally used in wedding work.  Last but not least this bouquet holds the Orange Crush Rose, a vibrant color that symbolizes desire and enthusiasm.




This graceful color palette includes feminine and yet soft and earthy blooms.  The quicksand rose’s sandy cream color is perfect for a wedding and is one of the most sought after rose colors this season.  White Lisianthus is another traditional flower in the wedding industry.  Except the Lisianthus featured here has about double the petal count of a standard one and opens up gorgeously in any bouquet.  This bouquet also features bluplureum which is a dainty green flower that adds movement to the bouquet.  In the floral industry green is considered to be a neutral color.  The last item in this bouquet that keeps with the neutral color palette is the greenery we used, seeded eucalyptus.  Seeded Eucalyptus is a trailing greenery that features beautiful berries and leaves.


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