I Am Me

CharleneI have local pride: My small business, Fairfield Flowers, shows my self-identity around Virginia Beach. Buying and selling local gives me great pride. This local thinking is the 21st century version of buying trendy and fills my desire to feel connected. Fairfield Flowers is my partner in diversity.

Karl is my Valentine: Being married to Karl for 43 years is perfect. He is my rock and I can always trust him; he is honest to a fault. He is by far my biggest cheerleader and has no problem letting me be me. And for that, I love to celebrate us!

Surprise!: In Jr High School I won first place three years in a row for running; I could move very fast! I hate losing and am ultra-competitive in everything that I do!

Words to live by: Appreciation- pay attention to what you have. Persistence- all things are difficult before they are easy. It’s not about failing, it is about failing and getting back up and trying again! Success is not a skill, it is acquired by having a persistent attitude.

I am Traditional: In life, traditions are everything! I love family traditions and making new traditions! I love the wonderful repeating, yet new, memories that the Wesseler family makes!


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