Real Local Florist vs 1-800

kristenblogHave you ever ordered flowers offline and not received exactly what you were looking for?! Have you ever called a 1-800 number and thought you were going to get a great deal only to find out that you were going to end up spending up to double what you originally wanted to spend? There are some secrets and tricks that these ‘online florists’ don’t want you to know about.

When you Google search florist, the first few links that come up look something like this:


Notice how the first four links have a small green ‘Ad’ flag next to them. This means that those sites paid Google to be at the top of the page whenever someone searches for a certain keyword. The first three sites on the page shown are 1-800 order gatherer ‘florists.’ This means that you call them and wait on hold, they take your order, they add some extra fees and service charges, and then they send your order out to a florist to be made and delivered. Now the problem with this service is that when they collect your money, you may spend 100$ total on your floral order, but when they send your order out to a florist to be made and delivered, the florist only gets 60$ of the original 100$ that you spent! They keep a portion of your money that you paid, up to 40%! And once the florist receives the order, they then have to take out their delivery fee! Long story short, the local florist has to create the arrangement you picked out for a fraction of the price, which does not always turn out well.

There are other order gatherers who also take your order and then ship the flowers to the recipient’s home in a box. The recipient then has to unpack their flowers and create their arrangement themselves. Personally, I do not want to have to work to have my beautiful arrangement.

If you scroll past the ‘ad florists’ you will then find a list of real local florists in your area.


If you want the most for your dollar, a real local florist is the way to go! Fairfield Flowers has been serving the Hampton Roads area for 26 years and we deliver to Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, and Portsmouth! We are very knowledgeable in flowers and floral arranging and we also have a full gift shop and can offer suggestions for the perfect gift to complete your order! Fairfield Flowers does not have any hidden fees or extra charges, so every dollar you spend goes straight towards your flowers and gifts! Think because your order is not local, you have to go with an order gatherer? Think again! Fairfield Flowers has an amazing network of local florists all over the country who can deliver your flowers for you! Even if you see an arrangement that you love on another site, Fairfield Flowers can create that arrangement for you!

Most people do not know about 1-800 order gatherers or their tricks but Fairfield Flowers is here to help you! So, the next time you need amazing flowers for the perfect person, make sure you find a real local florist to help you!


Fairfield Flowers
5194 Fairfield Shopping Center
Virginia Beach, VA


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