My Favorite Floral Client Experiences

CharleneIt has always been important to give each and every client the attention they deserve. One of my first clients was a visitor at the bank next door. We were having an open house and he came over after finishing his money transactions. He was single on that first visit, just ate our goodies and, as I remember, he did not make a purchase. Fairfield Flowers was able to gain his confidence on that first visit. He married and we were chosen as his florist for his wedding! He has purchased flowers for the birth of his daughter and then for his son. Cultivating a culture of great experiences through the important parts of this business. Fairfield Flowers was able to provide a beautiful corsage for prom and a bouquet of graduation flowers for his daughter this year, who is also a happy customer! I have been sharing knowledge about flowers with this special client for 25 years and this customer has trusted us with his business account for 25 years.

Fairfield Flowers reputation is our most valuable asset, not only do we have a client, but we also have a friend. We are over the moon to be his chosen florist!

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