Fairfield Flowers Legacy By Charlene


My wish for this flower shop that my family has owned for 22 years is legacy.

Fairfield Flowers should be remembered as a flower shop that provided beautiful memories for our customers and treasured memories for our employees.
Legacy of life focuses on our accomplishments. I feel like Fairfield Flowers legacy will be achieved by seeking happiness through our direction.
Fairfield Flowers has encountered a wide variety of people in our 22 years. We share time and space with our coworkers and our customers come from all walks of life. All of my encounters with our customers have been meaningful and resulted in positive memories.
And for the employees who have made an impact on my life, I thank them! They may not realize that I miss their smile. Thank you Jolene, Karen, Linda, Virginia, Emma, Krissy, Brian, Andrew, Lucia and many more. I love my present staff at Fairfield Flowers! Their wit, their smile and their talent. Thank you Amber, Barbara, Kristen, Sandy and Carolyn!


So you might ask how legacy and flowers fit together. I wish you a positive legacy with letters to loved ones and friends, sent with a summer bouquet of flowers. So start your legacy today. It’s about learning from the past, living in the present and building the future.

One thought on “Fairfield Flowers Legacy By Charlene

  1. Thank you for creating such a beautiful space and your generous spirit that shares yourself so graciously with others. My life is fuller having met you and given the opportunity to experience your legacy.

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