Just for You! By Tanya

I love May and Mother’s Day! Not only is it a chance to show our moms, grandmothers and other loved woman in our lives some true appreciation but it is a time of true floral beauty! Everything is producing beautiful blooms and the world is awash in the heavenly scent. Walking into Fairfield Flowers is […]

Spreading the Joy

Fairfield Flowers is a great place to work! I am one of the delivery drivers there and I truly enjoy the fact that I get to deliver beautiful arrangements to unexpecting people every day. I love putting a smile on someone’s ¬†face who wasn’t expecting to receive a one of a kind, show stopping display […]

A Bird’s Got to Eat!

There are many different types of bird feeders out there and everyone has seen them. Most look plain and boring, a simple metal or plastic structure that releases the seed. Well now there is a new and beautiful spin on the ordinary bird feeder! Seed Feeder There are new seed feeders that the birds will […]