How NOT to Plan Your Wedding: Part Deux

I am ALWAYS late.  Constantly…it’s a problem.  My husband tells me that I have no concept of time, and, regrettably, he’s spot on.  The harder I try, the later I am; and I can rationalize this tendency to be tardy with the best of em’.  In the words of my favorite theoretical physicist, Albert Einstein (yes, […]

How NOT to Plan your Wedding: Part I

Calling all Brides-to-be: Hear-ye, hear-ye, let it be known…planning your wedding does not have to be a stressful burden of financially epic proportions… it’s true!  I swear.  Stop screaming. First, a bit of background… This is me…my name is Erica, and I did things ALL wrong when it came to the planning of my wedding.  Don’t […]

Administrative Professional’s Day

National Secretaries’ Week Renamed Administrative Professional’s Day in 2000 originated in 1952.  It is observed the last full week in April with Wednesday now designated as Administrative Professional’s Day.  This celebration was created with two objectives in mic : to recognize “The Secretary, upon whose skills, loyalty, and efficiency the functions of business and government […]