What’s Flower Food?

Flowers need nutrition, just like we do.  While our options are seemingly limitless, flowers and plants have a much more restrictive diet. When in soil, these budding beauties have all the tools they need to make their own food.  All flowering plants are vascular, meaning they possess a root system, the capacity to photosynthesize (or, […]

In Lieu of Flowers

When reading the obituaries “in lieu of flowers” , I can only picture a sad, empty service void of the beauty of flowers. The history of funeral flowers is a long and rich record that points back to approximately 62,000 BC.  This is traced through scientific documentation, of the Shandiar Cave Excavation locate in Iraq. […]

2014 Prom — Have no Fear, Fairfield Flowers is Here!!

Everyone knows that prom is all about the dress (or tux!), the date, and being your best original self.  Here at Fairfield Flowers, we can take your ensemble from special to SPECTACULAR, and make your dream night a dream come true.  Whether you’re prom queen or geek chic; we’re here to help you reflect your […]